I will update this; I promise!

I figured it was time for some changes. I’ve got entirely too many domains and too much social sprawl. So, I’ve created a new About Me page with links to my usual hangouts. What’s there now is the beginning, but I hope to add more as I see fit. I’ve gotten rid of some excess pages on other sites and redirected some of those old urls to their corresponding pages in this blog. I’ve also gotten rid of my stand-alone Gallery install and now refer to my Flickr account, since I’ve been using that for quite some time anyway. Hooray for consolidation!

While I was at it, I figured it was about time to move to a different theme in WordPress and perhaps at least post something to the blog. The problem is, while I was never good at updating my blog, it’s been even worse since I’ve been using Twitter and Facebook as my primary outlets for what’s on my mind. I hope to change that, since Twitter is too small for some things, and Facebook is limited only to my friends. I’d still like to use this as a means to say what’s on my mind in more than 140 character chunks. I also want to completely rebuild my Links to other blogs and interesting sites,

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