iPod Apps

After seeing SRHuston’s list of what iPhone/iPod apps he finds most useful, here is my list. I think this list is a bit unique, since I don’t have an iPhone, but rather an iPod Touch. Not having phone/3G on the device does curb the usefulness a bit, but I do still use it often; hotspots are plentiful, and it’s fairly easy to create a mobile hotspot on my Nokia E63. The list is in no particular order, just that which popped into my head.

  • Bewjeweled – Absolutely addictive game. This is one of my favorite ways to kill time.
  • PopStar – Yet another really addictive game. I’ve actually been using this a lot more than Bejeweled lately.
  • TweetDeck – I already use TweetDeck on Mac, Windows, and Linux, so it made sense to use it on the iPod too.
  • MobileRSS – I use Google Reader for my RSS feeds, and while Google does have an okay mobile web interface, MobileRSS is significantly nicer and easier to browse on the iPod.
  • Mint – If you use Mint.com already, this is a natural add-on.
  • Clock – Okay, this is the built in application. Since I threw out my age-old alarm clock when I moved a few months ago, I’ve been using the iPod Clock application as my alarm clock.
  • Facebook – As with Mint, if you already use Facebook, this is a natural extension. A lot nicer than the web interface, IMO.
  • Now Playing – I use Netflix Instant Streaming extensively. This is a great way to manage my queue, especially when friends mention new shows/movies to check out.
  • TouchTerm – This app isn’t as useful as it could be, mostly because it can’t run in the background. As a Linux sysadmin, though, it’s invaluable when travelling and I have to ssh into a machine to check it out remotely.
  • Palringo –¬†Obligatory¬†Instant Messaging application. So far it’s the only one which has worked well enough to use on a regular basis, though I’ve been wanting to check out Meebo.
  • Dropbox – Very useful for viewing files on the go. Example of a recent application: I travelled to Philly and kept copies of the Septa subway and rail schedules in my dropbox so I could view them offline.

That’s the majority of the apps I use on a regular basis. I’ve got lots more on the iPod, but rarely use them, so they’re probably not worth mentioning. Mostly small games and other things which looked neat at the time, but turned out to be less than useful.

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