Food for thought:

In March, I spent $494.20 on “food,” broken down as follows:

  • $233.62 on Groceries
  • $260.58 on Restaurants, Coffee Shops, and Fast Food

In April, I spent $336.27 on the same category, broken down as:

  • $283.98 on Groceries
  • $52.29 on the rest

So, a savings for $157.93. Nice! I want to track this over the next several months so I can compare the monthly average over time. I also need to see if I can cut out a little bit more, since I’m a bit over my desired budget of $300 for the month. I should be able to feed myself for $10/day or less, so we’ll see how things go in May.

Oh by the way… Mint rocks. It finally convinced me to keep better track of where all my money goes.

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