The Blue Devil

Grand Prix
Well, here she is, The Blue Devil. She’s a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP with pretty much every option except the Bose audio system. As of my last trip to the track (on 10/12/01 @ Raceway Park), she ran 14.886 @ 91.83mph.

The Blue Devil has been retired! As of 06/06 I have a new car!

Update 02/01/2002: I installed an XM tuner add-on and Terk thru-glass antenna a few weeks ago. XM is pretty friggen cool! Also, a few days ago we installed Powerslot 12″ front rotors and Performance friction pads. I’m not seeing a huge difference in stopping power, though I haven’t really hit it hard more than once. I do notice that it takes a few stops before the pads start to shine (warm-up period?) and they do seem to bite a little better.
Update 04/02/2002: Finally installed the Levoc shift knob, the GTP lettering for the dash, and we finally mounted the Pioneer XM unit properly, so it doesn’t fly around the trunk now.
Update 04/09/2002: I’m awaiting delivery of NGK TR55IX spark plugs and Taylor wires. I wanna do that this week.
02/21/2003: Lazy lazy lazy… I’ve just been too damn lazy to update this page…. I’ve had the plugs and wires in quite some time, and since the last update I’ve installed the Catz 4500K HID kit, switched to a Pioneer Premier 740 mp3 head unit, gotten my PCM updated with the DHP upgrades, put my stock rims back on with Dunlop Sport A2 tires (for winter), clear side-markers… and I think that’s about it. I just got the DHP upgrade on 2/15, and because of the snow and whatnot the only real chance I’ve had to play was on the trip home from the DHP day we had. I have noticed those higher shift points, and the car definately has more high end power, but I’ve also noticed the car seems “spunkier” at even the mid-range (which is what I’ve stuck at because of traffic and road conditions around here). The Catz HID kit made a difference in my headlight power. I wouldn’t say it’s a *huge* difference, but it’s definately noticable. I think part of the problem is the inherant weak design of the headlights themselves, which tend to scatter the light. The rims I replaced because I plan to put summer rubber on my 17″ this year, and you know… I really miss my 17″ rims and tires, it’s amazing what a difference in handling there is between the 17s and the 16s. Finally… the head unit… I wanted the 740/7400 because it has support for mp3s. Was a cinch to install. Pulled out the old unit, unplugged the wires, plugged them into the new one, and shoved it back in the hole. Even the remote is the same, so I didn’t have to reprogram the steering wheel adapter.

Current Mods
Mods I’m Awaiting
Wish List

Current Mods

  • Appearance

    • Reflective Concepts PONTIAC lettering in rear bumper etching
    • Reflective Concepts GTP badge lettering
    • “Chrome”-like Grilles from the ClubGP Store
    • Silver GTP Lettering for dash
    • Autoventshade Headlight Covers
    • Blazertech 3200 Driving Lights
    • Konig Five-0 17″ Wheels (summer)
    • MDM GTP Front Grille Badge
    • Levoc Shift Knob
    • Clear Side-Markers
    • Catz 4500K Hi/Lo HID Kit
  • Performance

    • Borla Cat-back Exhaust
    • MSP Cold Air Intake
    • Pulley Boys 3.4″ Pulley
    • Goodyear Gatorback Supercharger Belt
    • MSP Desert Fox Transmission Cooler
    • 180 degree Thermostat
    • U-Bend Replaced
    • Trans-Go Shift Kit (single shim)
    • Taylor 8mm Spiro Pro Spark Plug Wires
    • NGK TR55IX Spark Plugs
    • DHP PCM 1.0
  • Braking/Handling

    • Next Level Fron Strut Tower Brace
    • Front and Rear Next Level Sway Bars with Poly End-link Bushings
    • Dunlop Sport 5000 245/45-17 Tires (summer — soon to be replaced)
    • Dunlop Sport A2 225/60-16 Tires (winter — on stock rims)
    • Powerslot 12″ Front Brakes
    • Performance Friction Brakes Pads on Front
  • Multimedia

    • Pioneer Premier DEH-P740MP CD Head Unit
    • Pioneer CDX-P1270 12-Disc CD Changer
    • Pioneer GEX-900XM IP-Bus XM Radio Tuner
    • Terk SR-1 Through-Glass XM Antenna
    • Rockford Fosgate Punch Amp
    • Infinity Reference 6×9 Speakers for Rear Deck
    • Infinity Basslink
    • Pre-wired for Up To 4 Amps (4ga power run from battery to a 4-out 8ga distro block)
    • PAC SWI-2 Steering Wheel Control Interface
  • Misc

    • DEI Remote Starter
    • Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil and Synthetic ATF

Awaiting Delivery Of (or plan to do soon)

  • Nothing at the moment

Here’s what I’d like to do one of these years…

Wish List

  • Install Performance Rotors/Pads (for the rear now)
  • Stereo System Upgrades (front amp, speaker replacements – finally did the head unit, changer, sub, and rear amp/speakers)
  • Wings West or maybe SD or SLP rear wing
  • Ram Air Hood – Maybe
  • Stripe kit (if I get the ram air hood)
  • Rocker Arms (not for a while)
  • Cam (again, not for a while)

I don’t even know if I’ll bother with the ram air hood. One one hand it looks cool, but on the other hand I sorta want a sleeper (though it’s kinda noticable I have the Borla exhaust, and definately noticable with the MSP Airbox ;). I also think the ram air hood isn’t as good looking on the dark color car I have, as it would be on a lighter car, however, if I get some white or silver stripes, I think it would look sweet. I’m not going to do much in the way of appearance mods. Frankly, I’m happy with the look of the car, so I’ll probably limit myself to the reflective tape for the “Pontiac” etching in the back between the exhaust tips, some on the GTP badges, and the grille badge. I’m considering some tinting, though that’s still up in the air, as is some lettering in the upper part of the windshield. The performance cam and rocker arms I really don’t plan to do until I’m finished paying for my car. I’m trying to avoid doing any major engine work (although the rockers aren’t *that* horrible).

Since that’s about all about my car right now, check out John’s Integra GSR page, I think I’ve finally passed him in the mod department, but his car is still pretty cool and he’s also responsible for a majority of the work on the car, though I do help out (he likes doing this stuff, so who am I to argue? :)